6 Bounce House Game Ideas for an Exciting Birthday Party 

If you’re planning to give your kid a special birthday party, you should start planning wisely. Kids now are closer to their phones and laptops, so when the party comes you should have their full attention. The theme, venue and foods should be laid out well. Another amazing idea is renting a bounce house, click here to see the designs. Don’t just let the kids jump around the bouncy house; prepare some amazing games so they can make the most fun out of jumping.

Birthday Party

Switch Place Race 

Before the game begins, assign each child a number. Make them enter the bounce house and sit in a circle formation. The birthday celebrant should stand in the middle. Have the celebrant call two numbers. The child assigned on those numbers should get up and switch their places. They should be fast enough so the celebrant wouldn’t be able to steal one of the empty spots. Whoever is next left standing has the opportunity to call the next numbers.  

Freeze Bounce 

Once you get all the kids in the bounce house, play a fun music. Have them bounce and jump around. Once you stop the music, they should all remain freeze. Anyone who moves while the music is still on freeze will be eliminated from the game. Continue doing so until the song is over or when you already have a winner.  

Bounce Pair Races 

Have four players in the bounce house; pair them together so you have 2 pairs of players. Instruct each pair to stand in opposite corners. Once you give them the “Go!” signal, the players should bounce across the bounce house and switch places. The first pair who’s going to reach the opposite corners will be declared as the winner. Have another pair of players until everyone had their turn. The winning pair will compete with another winning pair until there’s only one winner left.  

Balloon Attack 

Gather the kids around and line them up on the bounce house’s opposite sides. Assign each side a color, make sure to have an equal amount of balloon colors. The players should toss their balloons to the other side without having to cross the line while keeping out the other colors of the other side. Once the game is over, count the balloons on each side. If the team has the least amount of the opposing team’s balloons color, they should be declared the winner.  

Bounce Him Over 

The birthday celebrant will sit in the middle of the bounce house. Have the other players bounce around until the celebrant changes his/her position.  

Second Challenge 

Have the players bounce around in the bounce house for at least 30 seconds. Have someone outside giving the commands like “bounce on two feet” or “bounce on one foot”. The players will follow the command and do it for 30 seconds. Anyone who can’t follow will be eliminated. Commands like imitating an animal or pet like “fly like a butterfly” are also exciting. Continue the game until you have a winner.  

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5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner

Windows are one of the most vital components of our house. They don’t only allow the sunshine to go in but it also provides a proper ventilation to give warmth and cool to the place. People can notice your windows so it’s important to keep them crystal clear and clean. They will become dirty and smudged overtime especially if not regularly cleaned, and it will also affect the look of your house. You wouldn’t want a smudged window right. So, hiring a window cleaning in Chula Vista, CA  would be beneficial for you.  

Professional Window Cleaner 

Improves Quality of Your Home 

One of the top reasons why windows should be cleaned regularly is that it improves the feel and look of your home’s interior and exterior. Having a good and clean place will make you feel good about your environment. Cleaned windows make the view outside your home more appealing and the guests will make the windows easy to look out for. Keeping it beautiful will add value to your house.  

Boosts the House’s Curb Appeal 

Obviously, if you have dirty windows the appeal of your curb is less appealing. If you want to keep your house clean and to show it off, you need to get the windows professionally cleaned. If you have plans of selling the house in the future or show it off to your guests, you should really keep it clean. It’s part of your home maintenance that you should do.  

Professional Cleaning is Safer 

Other homeowners would like to do the DIY path when it comes to cleaning the house, but little did they know that if they don’t have the skills to do it, they might damage their house. Calling a professional to do the job is safe for you and for the windows. Don’t risk using ladders to reach a high part of the window because it can lead you to falling injuries. Windows also have the possibility of getting broken. You won’t worry about the risks to your safety and health if you leave the job to the professionals.  

Protects the Windows 

Debris and dirt on the windows will cause damages. Dirt will etch into the glass and will cause scratches, which makes the windows ugly. It causes distortion making the windows less appealing. A professional window washing company uses specially formulated cleaners and high-powered tools to wash the windows. You can protect the lives of the windows by having them professionally washed once every few months, especially if the windows are expensive.  

More Effective than DIY Approach 

Having your windows professionally cleaned will make the windows clearer and cleaner. The tools and cleaners are used to make sure that the windows are cleaned without streaks and smudges left behind. When you clean the windows by yourself there’s a big possibility that you will leave some streaks which are difficult to remove. Hiring professionals will keep the windows streak-free which make them beautiful to look at.  

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Window Replacement or Window Repair? 

A window in your home does not really have much attention until the day that it breaks because of something (it might be an accident of some sort) and/or if the frame of the window is already rotten and a lot of organisms are living there or if you could not really use it anymore. This is when you are going to make a decision of whether to repair the old and broken window that you have or just replace with a new window instead.

Window Repair

If you are one of those who are not sure on what to do; replace or repair then this article is for you because we are going to give a breakdown on the things that you could consider before making a decision.

The decision really depends on what the situation is. You have to smart upon deciding because both ways will still cause money and it is up to you on where you are going to spend your dollars in. There are instances when it would be more beneficial to replace than to repair it but sometimes, it would be more practical to repair than to replace your windows.

WHEN THE GLASS IS BROKEN OR IT IS CRACKED, we think that it would be best to replace it because it needs more attention than other problems. But, if it is just a small crack, you could just use the clear nail polish technique but if the glass is really in a bad shape, you should really replace the window. But if the frame of the window is in great shape, you could just replace the glass instead of the frame, in this way, you will be able to save more money than replacing everything including the frame of the window.

WHEN THE AIR IS LEAKING, you could just go away with repairing it through caulking or putting weather strips in it because this will prevent the air from going inside your home and prevent the people inside from being comfortable. This could also apply to the sealing of the window but if your single pane windows has air leak, you could install a double pane window instead so that you could avoid having these problems that we have talked about above.

WHEN YOUR WINDOW IS STUCK, be aware that this might be a cause of dirt that are on the tracks, broken hardware parts or some paint that got stuck on the hardware of your window. The solution for this is commonly simple; like you just have to sand the window or scrape the paint residue and clean the tracks of the window. These are just very simple techniques on how to repair your window. But if you really need an expert then you should call broken glass repair Bolton or many other companies on the same field.

WHEN THE FRAME IS ROTTING, you could just get the rotten side of it through scrapping and use putty in order to patch the scraped side of the window frame. And if the rot is really uncontrollable, you should really replace the window before it makes a mess.

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